Mission and Vision

SAF/CIO A6 Vision: The Air Force fully exploits the man-made domain of cyberspace to execute, enhance and support Air Force core missions.


SAF/CIO A6 Mission: The Chief, Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer (SAF/CIO A6) is the principal advisor to the Secretary of the Air Force, the Chief of Staff of the Air Force, and senior AF leadership on information technology (IT)/Cyberspace and National Security Systems (NSS).

Air Force Information Dominance Vision, Tenets and Goals

Strategic Priorities

Information Dominance Strategy/Vision

SAF/CIO A6 Initiatives

Joint Information Environment (JIE)
The JIE is a set of common standards agreed to by the Services that will enable independent Service networks to participate in a shared infrastructure that is defensible, redundant, and resilient...to deliver access at the point of need.

Data Center Consolidation (DCC)

The Air Force is implementing the OMB-directed Data Center Optimization Initiative (formerly Federal Data Center Consolidation Initiative) to aggressively close over 1,000 data centers, optimize enduring facilities, and control spending for all AF data centers. This effort is dependent upon migrating applications to more efficient hosting environments such as commercial cloud and base Installation Processing Nodes IAW the Joint Information Environment (JIE) initiative. Moreover, it ensures compliance with NDAA FY12 S.2867 (obligation review and approval) and FITARA (maintain data center inventory).

Defense Enterprise Office Solution (DEOS)

The Air Force supports the JIE initiative and will implement DEOS as the first on-ramp vehicle as soon as practical.

Cloud Computing

In partnership with DISA, the DoD Cloud Broker, the Air Force is exploring the use of Cloud Computing to deliver ubiquitous access to relevant data at the point of need.


The Air Force has begun testing a limited operational capability, using commercial mobile devices, with senior leaders and functional communities.

Unified Capabilities

The Air Force is migrating to IP services (voice, video, data, and related collaboration services) to deliver an integrated capability.


Mr. William Marion
Acting Chief, Information Dominance and Chief Information Officer

"Hack the Air Force"

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  Air Force Cyber Secure PSA



The Automated Remediation and Asset Discovery (ARAD) Memo Has Been Signed
The Air Force took definitive steps today to secure the full range of Air Force networked systems with the mandate of the Automated Remediation and Asset Discovery (ARAD) capability. Designed to give real-time visibility into the lowest level of computing across any system which has the tool installed, ARAD is a game-changer allowing Air Force cyberspace defenders the ability to immediately identify and respond to threats across all network reliant tools including weapons systems and Industrial Control Systems.

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